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  • The Original Pro Athlete endorsed workout
  • Easy to follow meal plans. No measuring!
  • Workout out at home or in a gym (NO DVD's required!)
  • Unique Programs for men and women
  • No workouts longer than 45 minutes

Real Training from a Real Trainer

Despite what super slick infomercials and corporate marketing machines would have you believe, the most surefire way for an exercise program to deliver you the results you seek is knowing that it was created by someone with real credentials, a real medical background, and a real reputation earned in the field...making trust a nonissue. The ATHLEAN-X™ and Athlean-XX for Women™ Training systems were created by renowned physical therapist, and elite professional athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere in response to the problems he observed in many of the popular fitness programs today such as P90X and it's successor P90X2. Recognizing a fundamental problem with such programs, Cavaliere developed an approach that addressed the physiological and hormonal differences in the way men and women need to train to achieve their desired goals, Cavaliere crafted the step by step 90 day nutrition and workout programs to allow each to achieve their goals of a better, more athletic!

The ATHLEAN-X™ training system provides you with great results in less time with less workouts per week than the leading competitor.

Choose the program endorsed by Pro Athletes, Average Joes and CEO'S.

One Size does not fit all

ATHLEAN-X™ For Men includes!

Athlean-X 90 Day Training System (home & Gym Version)

We're not going to tell you where to workout. With AthLEAN-X you can train at home
or in a gym. Either way you get the industries best workout where you want, when you want.

AthLEAN-X Factor Meal Plan

No measuring, no calorie counting. Just results. Considered by many pro athletes and regular joes alike to be the best meal plan available. The AthLEAN-X Factor Meal Plan gets you ripped without leaving you feeling deprived..

130+ Exercise Xcyclopedia

Save the confusion for the "other" prgrams! Every exercise is explained in full color pictures and descriptions to let you concentrate on the stuff that matters most... burning fat and building lean muscle.

AthLean-X Video Vault

As if the X-cyclopedia wasn't enough we're throwing in all 130+ exercises in full HD video. See exactly how I perform each and every exercise in full color, full digital quality. You will never wonder how an exercise is properly performed again! Available in Digital Plus Only

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MMA Fighter Pounds His Way Into The UFC With ATHLEAN-X!

AthLEAN-X Training is perfect for what I do because it allows me to be explosive, quick and punishing when I'm toe to toe! In MMA, where even a single wrong move can be the difference between a win or a loss, I think it all starts with what you do in the gym... and I wouldn't train any other way. My one and only goal was to get into the UFC and AthLEAN-X took me there! Now it's time to show my opponents why I intend to stay there.

Reuben Duran - Professional UFC Fighter
Los Angeles, CA. United States

15 Year Old Football Phenom Turning Heads With ATHLEAN-X!

With aspirations of playing pro football I knew that I needed to get myself on a program that could deliver the results that would prepare me for my goal. To me...there wasn't even a second choice outside of AthLEAN-X! The program has allowed me to build the pure lean muscle, explosiveness and quickness that I'm going to need to impress the scouts and dominate on the field. Thanks Jeff! I'll invite you to the NFL Draft in a few years!

Chris James - 15 years old
Chicago, Ill. United States

"It's Made Working Out Fun Again..."

Athlean-XX training is so different from what I'm used to and that's a GREAT thing! When I went to the gym I would just do the treadmill and then use the weight machines like my trainer had showed me. Unfortunately, I didn't see any noticeable results, especially in my abs. I had none. But training in the "XX" Zone as Jeff calls it, made ALL the difference. It is just an entirely new way to workout, and I LOVE IT! It's actually made working out fun again...and I'm finally seeing the results. PS. I finally got those abs!

Nathalie Veld - 31 years old
Crete, Greece

New York Mets All Star David Wright's #1 Choice!

As always, I will never put my name on something that I don't use or believe in myself. Jeff trains me every offseason using the exact same workouts that he's now making available to you in his AthLEAN-X System, and they undoubtedly have helped me to get in the best shape of my career. I went from 16.7% body fat when I started working with Jeff in 2006 to a consistent 9.5% now and managed to add more lean muscle every year. Stop following workouts that just don't get you where you want to be... and start following my program.

David Wright - All Star 3rd Baseman New York Mets
New York, NY. United States

Admitted "Party Animal" Still Gets His 6 Pack...Abs That Is!

I have to admit, I like to party and have fun... as you can see in my before picture! But I think it's also pretty obvious that this wasn't really doing my body any favors. I decided to give the AthLEAN-X Training System a try. Man... am I glad I did! Not only has it given me 6 pack abs for the first time in my life, but I was able to do this while still going out and having fun with the boys! Finally... a REAL program that lets you be a regular guy but makes you look anything but regular!

Adam Jarvis - 38 years old
Trumbull, CT. United States

I used to agonize over everything I ate..."

I can't thank you enough for this program. I used to train for an hour or more a day and agonize over everything I ate, and I never was able to look the way I do now. Originally, I found Athlean-XX for Women looking for something that would help me lose a few pounds and get more toned for my wedding dress, but instead wound up getting in the best shape of my life! Now, as a brand new mom, I'm confident I have a program that fits my lifestyle so perfectly! Thanks so much!

Olga Daikiv - 31 years old
Vancouver, BC. Canada

Italian Actor Finds Abs and Female Attention Under The Fat!

When I decided to start ATHLEAN-X I have to admit... I had some doubts. Mostly, I was wondering if I'd be able to complete the exercises, understand how to do them, or hell... even like doing them! I mean, I was definitely the type of guy that found it hard to get motivated to work out unless I had someone there telling me what to do. Having just finished the 90 days I can tell you this...I've never followed a program more fun and straight up works so much! I was seeing results from literally the first few weeks and finding motivation became easy. All I had to do was look in the mirror!

Claudio Amalberti - 31 years old
Ventimiglia, Italy

Men's Fitness Magazine Editor Points Guys Seeking "Athletic Muscle" To ATHLEAN-X!

Jeff Cavaliere has been a great asset to the work I do at Men's Fitness. His ATHLEAN-X system is perfect for guys who want to look and move like athletes. Now they can really make it happen.

Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., fitness editor of Men's Fitness magazine
New York, NY. United States

From 22% Body Fat To A Ripped 7% in 90 Days With ATHLEAN-X

I've tried lots of programs that claim to help you lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Based on the results I got from those "other" programs I'd say... impossible. Until I did AthLEAN-X! Jeff you've proved without a doubt that you don't have to abandon one goal to chase the other. I followed your program step by step all the way to becoming the first official "MR. X" of the year. I dropped my weight from 196 to 160lbs of pure muscle. My bodyfat went from an embarrassing 22% to a ripped 7% and my waist dropped from 36" to 30".

Ben May - 22 years old
London, England

"Athlean-XX helped me to get back to my pre-baby weight!"

As a 52 year old mom of a 6 year old boy, let me say, Athlean training has finally helped me get back to my pre-baby weight. I had put on 42 pounds (Robert was 10+ lbs.) and lost some of it, but I still had that baby belly and no matter what I did, I wasn't happy. I tried P-90X, but got bored with it. I've done countless Zumba classes and got bored with that, too. I was thinking that maybe I was too old...until I found Athlean-XX and now I couldn't be happier!

Anette Meier - 52 years old
Manorville, NY. United States

"Hardgainers" Only Exist When You're Training With The WRONG Program!

I've always been the typical "hardgainer", never able to add any muscle to my frame. Stuck out in the middle of Iraq serving our country, I stumbled across ATHLEAN-X online. The product gave me the nutrition program, and workout regime I needed to begin not only transforming my body, but also my mind and way of life!! This program made me push myself to limits I didn't think were possible and now when I look at myself in the mirror and see how far I've come, I'm never looking back.

Rob Tyre - 20 years old
St. Petersburg, FLA. United States

New Lean Muscle Every Time Through The Program!

I am 36 years old, from the UK, run my own company and therefore have to juggle my business and fitness around spending quality time with my 2 little girls so finding time to workout has never been easy. That said, I have to say you make it as simple as humanly possible. Your workouts are unbelievably creative and have me in the best shape of my life. And just to show that it's no fluke, I repeated the 90-day program again and was amazed to see that I did nothing but add more muscle!

Dave Mendonca - 36 years old
United Kingdom

"I need a program I can do anywhere...Athlean-XX gives me that"

For me to being able to stick to a workout program I needed something that was flexible and could fit my unpredictable schedule. As an accountant, there are times where I never know when or where I'll be able to get my workout in. Athlean-XX made it simple with the option to either do it at home or in a gym. Saved me (and my body) through tax season! People think that being just 23 makes it easy to be fit and look good...I disagree. Athlean-XX does that!

Brittany Amendola - 23 years old
Branford, CT. United States

TEAM U.S.A. Judo Olympian Gets "Golden Abs" With ATHLEAN-X

When I first came across ATHLEAN-X, I was skeptical since I already had dedicated trainers at the United States Olympic Training Center planning out my every workout, but I felt something was missing and I knew I needed that extra edge I was not getting from the US OTC's weight room, or on the mat. I tried a few different plans, including P-90x, but they just weren't cutting it for me and I felt constantly drained and fatigued. I finally came across ATHLEAN-X and gave it a try. I can proudly say it helped me immensely take my judo to the next level and dominate my competition.

Joshua O'Neill - 26 years old
Mundelin, IL. United States

The Most Unique and "Results Getting" Exercises This Personal Trainer Has Ever Seen!

What I loved most about ATHLEAN-X was the short but intense workouts that always kept me guessing. With exercises that were certainly not the "NORM"...I actually found myself not only excited and looking forward to the next workout, but I was getting results I had never gotten before! As far as I'm concerned...I'm hooked on ATHLEAN-X training now.

David Johnson - 42 years old
Canton, OH. United States

Out of Shape and Out of Action...To Ripped in 90 Days!

When I tore my ACL and had to have reconstruction surgery back in March, I was very concerned that I was not going to be able to continue my active lifestyle afterwards. I was told it would take 6 months to fully recover and around the 4 month mark, after using Jeff's tips on the internet and the AthleanX system, I was told that no further therapy was needed and I was able to get back to being fully active. Thanks to Jeff and the ATHLEAN-X principles, my knee is now back to 100% and I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life!!

Joshua Gatewood - 21 years old
Midland, TX. United States

"...First time in my life I had any abs!"

I first came across the AthLEAN-X workouts on youtube and couldn't wait for a women's version of the program! I had been following the unique "athlean" style of training and found I was getting stronger, changing my body, and getting more confident each week.'s finally here, and not only was the wait worth it, but the results are even better! This is the first time in my life I had any kind of abs! I'm officially hooked on Athlean-XX!

April S. - 32 years old
Chicago, ILL. United States

17 Year Old Got The 6 Pack He Had Been Working At For 2 Years...In JUST 2 MONTHS!

For 2 years I have tried to develop my abs, with exhausting and long workouts, but all I got was disappointment and poor results. I found ATHLEAN-X and from Day 1 I loved it because I got an incredible workout in almost every muscle in my body...really developing my core in less time than my usual training. I've been able to cut my body fat percentage and I got my 6 pack in 2 months! Amazing!! GRACIAS ATHLEAN-X

Roberto Espinosa - 17 years old
Tallahassee, FL. United States

Gained 12 lbs of Solid 100% Lean Muscle With ATHLEAN-X!

This is by far THE BEST workout/nutrition plan that I have ever used or seen before. The proof is in the results. When I started I was well over 14% bodyfat and around 165 lbs... although I was not "fat" I was still not happy with my body at all and I needed to build more muscle! Now just 90 days later, I've maintained the same bodyweight but have cut my body fat in half to just 6.7%!! That's 12 lbs of solid muscle mass gained! I am now more ready than ever to pursue my lifelong dream to begin training to become a firefighter!

Greg McShane - 20 Years Old
Manhattan Beach, CA. United States

State Trooper Loses 20 lbs...Gains the Attention of His Wife!

Being a State Trooper, I know that my job requires me to be at my best. I knew I needed to try and lose 10-15 lbs if I was to be there so I bought the ATHLEAN-X program. At the start of the program I weighed 205 lbs with a 36 inch waist. By the end of the program I managed to drop 20 lbs but maintain all of my lean muscle and now I'm down to a trim 185 lbs with a 32 inch waist. Thanks Jeff!! Proud to be on TEAM ATHLEAN!! PS. My wife wanted to say thanks to Jeff too for my short workouts now and of course the awesome benefits it has given me.

Justin Bender
Mosinee, WI. United States

Fortune 500 CEO Can Choose ANY Program In the World And He Chooses ATHLEAN-X!

Jeff Cavaliere is one of the finest trainers I have ever had. His ATHLEAN-X System is rigorous and varied and provides an overall program to building an athletic, flexible and balanced physique. And, for those who know him, he is a "real" guy who is always supportive and enthusiastic! It's amazing how much of this personality shines through in this system, making you actually EAGER to workout! To me... Jeff is the complete package, and is ATHLEAN-X program reflects that!

Barry Sternlicht - 49 Years Old
Starwood Capital Group CEO

Will You Be Our NeXt SuXXess Story?

Whether you're a seasoned professional athlete, a beginner, or somewhere in between...ATHLEAN-X and Athlean-XX for Women has the perfect program for you! See exactly what you're capable of as you unleash the inner athlete...and the outer athletic body in the next 90 days! Are you neXt?

You - Any Age
Anywhere in the World

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